Debt Consolidation

We’ve compared the nation’s top debt consolidation companies, so you can easily find the right service to consolidate your debt.

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Most people never hear about debt consolidation until they’re facing down large balances and struggling to pay them off. That makes for a steep learning curve right at a time when you need swift action. But you’ve come to the right place to find everything you need to know.

What are my options to consolidate?

There’s more than one way to consolidate. Learn about your options and how to choose the right consolidation strategy for your situation.

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How much does debt consolidation cost?

Learn what you can expect to pay when you consolidate and how it measures up versus the cost savings that it can provide.

Costs vs Savings

How will consolidation affect my credit?

Understand how consolidation can affect your credit score and how the credit impact compares to other solutions you may be considering.

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